Your back against a brick wall, your hands splayed out against the masonry, feeling the cracks, you wonder if you're in the right place. It's too dark, too confusing. It certainly isn't the place for a person like you. 

You like bright fields and warm, sunny days. Sure, sometimes you like the rain, but only when you can dive into a coffee shop with a good book. Or better yet, with your latest work in progress. 

You're a writer, not a developer. You don't belong in the dark alleys of web development. Or do you? 

"Pst." Hot breath tickles your ear. "Come a little closer." 

You expect to see a shadowy figure, but you turn to see a mirror image of yourself. Yoga pants, a cup of coffee, glasses slightly askew. That's me, Koji. 

No, really, that's actually me this time. 

You see, I'm a writer, just like you. I'm starting on the wonderful (and often confusing) journey to publication in one of its many forms. I realize a writer website is an important tool for writers at all stages of their journey. I know there's advice out there. I've read a lot of it, and I'm open to hearing more. But I'm ready to dive into this challenge on my own.

And this is really Nikola.

Okay, not completely on my own. My partner, Nikola Nikolov, is the lead developer of Paiyak Development. He's agreed to be my guide. He's also agreed to let me wander the dark, thrilling alleys of web development on my own, only helping when I ask. 

So what do you say? Want to come with me? 

Go ahead, press yourself off the wall. Take a step. Let's go see what WordPress can offer writers.