3 Alternative Options For Your About The Author Section

Between your book blurbs, social media accounts, and blogs, you’ve probably crafted a dozen amusing and informational “about me” sections. Writing one more for your author website shouldn’t be that difficult. But many authors are wondering if they should include more than a traditional paragraph or two about their personal life on their professional website.

A professional “about me” section is a little different than the one you share with friends and family. It should strategically reveal parts of you to your audience that will help support your writing and brand. It’s a peak behind your writing mask, but not a full reveal, and that balance can be difficult to find. 

Whether you want to maintain a little mystery about your personal life, keep the focus on your books and writing, or draw your readers deeper into your writing brand, here are some options for fleshing out your “about me” section. 

Use Books to Tell Your History

People taking the time to check out an author website are most likely avid readers. They will be interested in learning what books influenced you as you grew up and crafted your own novels. Take a walk down memory lane, sharing your memories of the first book you read or your most important book during high school and college. Share the first book you read with your significant other or your favorite book to read to your children.

This type of list is great for websites because it can be highly visual, including links to your favorite titles. Additionally, it can give fans more reading material that keeps them connected to you as they wait for your next book to come out. 

Create a Character Sheet

If you tend to use character sheets to help develop your characters, why not write one for yourself? This not only gives fans plenty of semi-personal tidbits to help them feel connected to you, but it also gives them insight into your writing process. I only recommend doing this if you actually use character sheets. It can be somewhat pretentious if you don’t use this tool in your writing. 

For an added bonus, if you usually fill out your character sheets by hand, consider doing so and uploading a PDF to your site for a more personal touch. 

Write Your Story

As a writer, you should have mad writing skills. Unfortunately, unless you’re a memoirist, it can be difficult to turn those skills inward and write creatively about yourself. Still, it is worth a shot to see how a short story about your relationship with writing would play out. This works as an added bonus for your readers as they get to read about you in the voice they know and love.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a normal about me page. What’s important is that you have a clear place on your website where readers can find out a little more about the person who writes the books they enjoy. Of course, you’ll want to avoid common about me mistakes, and maybe include some stellar visuals. Other than that, do the thing writers are best at: be creative. 

Koji Dae
Co-Founder, Lead Developer
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